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Loox Supplement was established in 2016. Our motto is “Empowerment and Quality” to provide our customers with Proteins, Carbohydrates and Amino Acids in various forms of capsule, powder, and tablet. With the support from our professional research and development team, we aim to spread our products of the highest quality and suitable packing. Before running the production cycle, our professionals screen the raw materials and order them from authentic companies in Europe. In the meanwhile, we strive to apply a higher standard than the dietary supplements to our production cycle, mainly, the pharmaceutical standards. The Pharmaceutical Quality System applies the GMP principles with the supervision of our senior manager, and in collaboration with Quality Assurance (QA) experts. The unit continuously evaluates the standards according to guidelines in order to improve the final products. These standards are rigorously controlled during the whole process of Production, Analysis, Quality Control, Packing, Maintenance and Warehousing, and also Distribution. The Quality Control unit as the pillar for Quality Assurance is responsible for sampling, evaluations, and physical, chemical, and microbial experiments. The unit strives to adjust the products’ standards with state-of-the-art quality guidelines.

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